The Adventures of Ser Nuggington of Nope Nope

Volume 1, Chapter 2


Dear Nugsy,

How are you doing? Today we arrived at the fortress of Stenhold and met the merchants Bohdan and Sandal Freddic. After buying their wares, they suggested to talk to the arl about a job. Was it just me or does Illiyana look like a pegasus?

Inside the fortress, we were greeted by Alenka the Steward. She dropped a gold coin whom Illiyanna gladly gave back to her. She introduced us to Arl Voychek Neruda, the harsh and not so cuddly ruler of the arling. He got very upset that we were questioning his request of escorting his children back to the fortress, but eventually did grudgingly accept our assistance. Apparently even the threat of darkspawn attacking his own children isn’t enough to draw his attention away from the re-fortifications.

Outside of the main hall, we bumped into his wife, Lady Macia Neruda. She apologized for her husband’s behavior and pleaded with us to keep her children safe, giving us a gold piece. Why do I have a feeling that she constantly is apologizing for her husband? She seems like such a nice lady…

Alenka joins us on the quest, leading the way to the meeting point. We need to cross a bridge but discovered it had collapsed! Before we could figure out a way around, darkspawn ambushed us! What shall we do? How will we survive? How…was I able to write and send this to you?

Love your son,
Ser Nuggington of Nope Nope



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