Sandal Feddic

Dwarven savant runecrafter.


Sandal and his adoptive father are surfacers, having left Orzammar for the surface to become merchants. Bodahn found Sandal abandoned during one of his many expeditions into the Deep Roads and has since adopted him, caring for him as if a biological son.

According to Bodahn, Sandal may be lyrium due to his exposure to lyrium in the Deep Roads.

Bodahn claims the Circle of Magi declared Sandal a savant and may have desired to keep Sandal for study or in order to enchant for them. Sandal is unable to care for himself and has a limited mental capacity for common tasks (such as conversation, where he usually replies with one word answers), while excelling at enchanting and, to a lesser degree, runecrafting.

Sandal can enchant weapons when provided runes.

Sandal Feddic

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