Human apostate mage


Seven years ago, a dalish elf was found injured near her home village. She took him to the nearby hunter’s cabin to recover and secretly sneaks to take care of him daily even though he keeps telling her to stay away from him. After a year, he recovers but remains due to the fact that he noticed that she is a mage, and tries to help her train to protect herself and remain hidden.

After six more years she is discovered because she healed villagers including her mother who fell ill. The other villagers try to kill her because she could bring a demon. The guards put her in prison until the templars arrive to keep her safe. But she is constantly taunted and hit with rocks and other objects.

She begins to waver and starts to hear a voice calling to her saying that it can help. She ignores it but it becomes difficult as the hate from the villagers begins to wear on her. Suddenly her friend comes to the village to save her and is far more powerful than he ever was and she realizes he is possessed.

She breaks out of the prison to stop him and they battle. She is barely a match and gets slashed in the face and he hesitates he runs away telling her to stay away from him and that there is no saving him.

Half-dead she is thrown back into the cell to await the templars without any assistance. Due to this, she partially loses her sight. Her father helps her escape but the guards follow. To save him from being blamed she jumps into from the cliff into the river.

She awakens by the shore and starts her search to save her friend.


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