Let’s go on an adventure!

It is 9:30 Dragon, the year of the Fifth Blight. Darkspawn have begun appearing in the Korcari Wilds and reports are coming in of sightings in southern Ferelden. The Dalish are pushing further west to avoid the darkspawn and are appearing more often in the Bannorn. The Grey Wardens have just been reestablished in Ferelden and are either gathering in the south or scouting to slowly expand their numbers. Duncan is posted in Denerim, spending much of his time with King Cailin and training new recruits. The border with Orlais is having increasing disputes, making it difficult to cross and slowing down the influx of Wardens along with trade via the Imperial Highway. The ports to the north have become more important than ever. With that comes more undesirables from other lands. On top of things, there are rumors of Qunari taking advantage of the border dispute and entering Ferelden via the Frostback Mountains.

You will be starting in Stenhold, an arling on the border of Ferelden and the Korcari Wilds. Recently the darkspawn have been invading these lands. Arl Voychek Neruda hires you to met his children and escort them back to the fortress. His steward, Alenka, joins you on your journey. But the bridge is down and darkspawn launch a surprise attack.

The Adventures of Ser Nuggington of Nope Nope

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